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Professional Solution for Face, Body, Scalp & Hair Concerns.. Suitable for M/F All Ages, Suitable for All Skin Types especially dry, delicate, sensitive skin types & dry, normal, oily scalp
Formulated by Internationally Accreditated Professional Care Dermatologist tested. Concentrated with Rich in Natural Origin Ingredients, to assure No Side Effects & Effective Results !

Few Success Stories

Before discovering fantasize I was using an eye cream and an eye cream mask at night and nothing seemed to be affecting my dark circles and fines lines . Within just 1 week of using fantasize eye treatment serum my eyes look much smoother and brighter.


Sandhya, Chattisgarh

My skin reacted to nearly every product I used, so it was unbelievably frustrating to find red marks on cheeks nearly everyday. Someone recommended fantasize treatment creams to me, and in just 4-5 days of treatment, my skin has completely settled down and has discovered its lost colour and glow. It's like a miracle cream, after suffering for such a long time!


Tina, Mumbai

I am a 53 year old man. I decided to try buying Fantasize hair treatment kit to see if it would grow hair naturally without a stem cell or weaving treatment. After using it for 10-15 days, I felt my hair was growing faster, so I have continued to take it. My hair has grown and is much stronger and softer than before.


Vinod, Mumbai

Congratulations! Your Whitening serum is the best I've ever used. I've had sensitive, combination skin that has been the bane of my life for so long, reacting to virtually every product I tried, even the so called "natural" ones. Now, thanks god, I can finally view my skin type as a blessing, rather than a curse. Why? Because your fantasize treatment acne whitening kit have balanced my skin and has banished all the pimples and spots too. I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work! Ps Is there any chance you could also treat me personally at Mumbai ?


Yukti, Ahmedabad

Your body brightening and anti-tan treatments are the best that I have ever used without any irritation and fully brightened my hands and legs. My hands and legs were in a terrible state with suntan and I tried every fairness cream possible and, within a day or two, of your single stimulation, it cured the problem and they are fair and soft again.


Mrs.S.Pereira, Goa

During pregnancy I developed Dark Brown Spots on my face and neck. My breasts too had lost their shape and firmness. I had stretch marks all over my stomach, breasts, bottom. After taking your Post-Pregnancy Body Makeover kits– I am successful to fade them and could see results in mirror right from the 10th day of applying your products. MY BREASTS AND MY BUM SHOWED VISIBLE IMPROVEMENT IN JUST 2 DAYS AFTER THE TREATMENT THEY WERE FULLER AND FIRMER WITH A SLIGHT LIFT. I Thank you for saving my married life and making me desirable to my husband once again! THANKYOU AGAIN! You were a last moment friend.


Anna, Mumbai

Your skincare processes are exquisite. I have very sensitive skin so am delighted to have found you especially for Body Whitening mainly your Nipples, Bikini line and Underarms treatment kit.


Sonia, Pune.

This is an absolutely amazing clinic! I suffered from horrific stretch marks after having a 4kgs baby boy! My stretch marks were awful but this amazing makeover treatment serum has stunned me even though it was a little over my budget . The stretch marks are not at all near as deep and have faded so much! Truly amazing I would recommend to anyone.


Hrinakshi - via Facebook

I was impressed with the results almost in 3 days. Now my wife’s stretch marks are virtually non-existent. The results were very impressive. I would recommend fantasize and sweet doctor and her treatment range highly in the future to my friends to gift their spouse.


Farookh, Mumbai

I love fantasize professional treatment range . Effects were seen right in 8 days on my breasts and stomach.


Asha, Thane

I love you Fantasize- It got rid of almost all my stretch marks - even those I had for over 2 years!



Thanks for innovating such great treatments kit!


Your Number 1 fan

Great WEIGHT LOSS PROCEDURES to see fast results. I have used 2 jars sessions so far and plan to buy more. You definitely get rid of cellulite & get a shapelier body with fantasize range of slimming kits, and best of all you look like a smaller version of you. I love this treatment kit, highly recommend it!


Aliya, Ratnagiri

Contouring Body Professional kit is Miraculous! I had to fit into a dress for a huge event. Needed to lose some inches fast...i took it for 5months. I lost 7 inches from head to skin felt tighter, smoother...helped w/my cellulite...and I fit into my dress! I felt great and looked great!


Mellisa, Goa

I bought Fantasize slimming kit as a desperate attempt to loose weight, I am in STD 10TH I no longer have Man size meals, and I don't crave chocolate like I used to. Im not constantly thinking about food, or always feeling hungry and my energy has increased. I have lost 2 kilos and 8 inches in 30 days ...... only with just the kit! Oh YAYE!!!! My goal far away yet & plan to enrol with Fantasize for her weight loss treatment & continue using fantasize kit till I achieve my weight goal .


A very happy, and shrinking fantasize buyer

I've taken this fantasize hair oil soap and concentrate for 40 days. I've been bleaching/lightening my hair for about 4 years, and whenever my hair feels like it's breaking, dry, and dead now after 23 days or less and it significantly reduced my hair's breakage and promotes hair growth while deeply moisturizing my hair. Love it!!!!


Chinki, Mumbai

Fantasize has allowed me to think about me for a change. I now look after myself. I have lost weight and inches without starvation dieting ( well planned PROCEDURES) for the first time ever. I have my bounce back. I want to do things again. Her weekly treatments have done Muscle & Body Shaping and support kept me on track. I feel better about everything. I shall be using fantasize slimming treatment for about 3 more months till I shock my friends!


Sunny, Pune

I love your Weight-Loss Treatments. I found it easy to rest and lie down and loose weight n inches and gain muscles, well I can’t say enough about them. Great doctor and support whenever you need it. I have lost 33.5 cm and 8.5 kgs in 4.5 weeks. I feel awesome. I have started the second half of the program and going strong. I would recommend this program to anyone. I will use what I have learnt in this program in all areas of my life. Give it a go, your body will love you for it. Love your body and be who you want to be.


Annie, Vashi

I will never go on a starvation diet ever again, i will always use fantasize for all my hair , face and body concerns and also took Treatments & Maintenance. I am a Diabetic Patient, I am so thankful I did this program. I have ended the starvation diet cycle forever. Losing weight and inches has never been so easy, with her fantasize kits and in-house treatments and healthy menu planning with complete nutrition to reduce blood sugar. It’s like a switch has been turned on in my brain. I no longer have the previous anxiety and same weight gain. Now I can enjoy and look forward to each day without wearing baggy clothes to hide the lumps and bumps which have disappeared upto 60% with their custom-made slimming treatments. I’m feeling more confident which shows in my face and the clothes and colours I now wear.


Rachna, Navi Mumbai.

U Must Try it. I am a mother of 2 year old kid at the age of 32 weighing 90. I just consulted at Fantasize on weight loss pgm. U don’t believe what I am going what I am going to say but it swear. I have lost 12 kg in 6 sitting. And I have also lost 18 inches. All u have to do is just trust and go with it.


Infanta Navi Mumbai


We create both Professional & Beauty Care Cosmetics for Face / Body / Hair that visibly work and do no harm. M/s Fantasize – has been manufacturing the best quality rich in natural origin ingredients cosmetics for face, body & hair care for over 8years. we strictly use: Natural Origin Ingredients only as we believe that the most effective repairing, safe and skin-friendly skincare can be achieved only by using ingredients rich in natural origin. We take the job of formulating Professional Skincare Range very personally, and what is more personal than your own face? As the cosmetic industry is very dynamic & competitive, the position in the market is determined by innovation & quality of product, ingredients rich in natural origin with proven results, research, effective visible results, & changing consumer expectations. Our mission is to make skincare that provides the results you want in both the short- and long-term without any negative effects on your health, your skin or the environment and without compromise of high quality ingredients. We do good without doing harm, & Simply Naturally.


Advanced Solution for Face, Body, Scalp & Hair Concerns.. Suitable for M/F All Ages, Suitable for All Skin Types especially dry, delicate, sensitive skin types & dry, normal, oily scalp.
Formulated by Internationally Accreditated Professional Care Dermatologist tested. Rich in Natural Origin Ingredients, to enssure No Fear of Side Effects & Visible Results.


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