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What does alpha testing mean?

White-box testing refers to validating the code, infrastructure, and integrations with other systems contained in the product. The approach aims to uncover issues and eliminate errors related to the product’s internal workings early on, before the product is released to customers. Those items are assessed and, as quickly as possible, resolved by the developers. The solution is implemented in the test environment and retested.

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  • Alpha testing allows the testing team to identify possible production issues in advance.
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On the other hand, beta testing is carried out by a small number of the product’s end users. These users don’t need to perform beta tests in any specific environment, unlike alpha testing which does require a specific environment. Beta testing happens during the product marketing stage and is mainly used to gauge customer satisfaction. Alpha testing is done to make sure a product is ready to send to potential end-users for beta testing.

Quality assurance and internal testing

He gave a demonstration of the company’s social-networking photo site, which is in alpha testing. The goal of Alpha testing is to immerse customers in the development phase. Alpha testing − A prolonged and comprehensive process of comprehensive and complete testing to stress-test all system functions.

Internal testers and developers perform alpha testing instead of the actual customer. Hence, there is always a chance that they might ignore some defects due to deadlines. The various in-house tests conducted during alpha testing develop confidence in the software team that the software is now ready and can be used in any conditions. As alpha testing includes both testing techniques that are white-box testing and black-box testing, it allows the testers to carry out thorough and detailed testing.

Who is involved in Alpha testing?

If the alpha value of a translucent fragment is not within a specified range, it will be discarded after alpha testing. If this review gate is not planned, the Alpha Test Plan is completed prior to beginning Alpha Testing in next phase and is submitted prior to, or with, the Alpha Test Acceptance Review Gate. The desktop application is complete and is being alpha tested right now. These faults are then allocated to development team members to engage on and resolve.

This reduces development re-work and the delivery time of the later releases. The testing team retests the software product once the development team certifies that the problems have been fixed. This testing cycle will be repeated until no further problems are discovered.

We recommend that you use your own judgement and consult with your own consultant, lawyer, accountant, or other licensed professional for relevant business decisions. Next, you develop a detailed test strategy to produce all of the necessary test cases. Make sure all team members have a good understanding of what exactly they will be testing. Here, the main priority is to check for any bugs or defects in the system.

definition of alpha testing

An alpha test ensures the product really works and does everything it’s supposed to do. Alpha Testing is a type of software testing performed to identify bugs before releasing the software product to the real users or public. The main objective of alpha testing is to refine the software product by finding and fixing the bugs that were not discovered through previous tests. The second step of alpha testing is performed by software quality assurance personnel for extra testing in an ecosystem. Alpha and beta testing are both types of user acceptance testing.

Who is Responsible for Alpha Testing?

This process usually takes varying amounts of time, depending on the number of bugs and their impact. Let’s look at definition of alpha testing an example of alpha testing in product management. Say you have a piece of software made to help you save recipes.

definition of alpha testing

Alpha Testing is performed at Developer’s site whereas Beta Testing is performed at Client’s location. Have questions on how to begin or anything related to our features and integrations? Starting from documentation to product videos, we’re just one click away. Always on a constant journey, unraveling and untangling the hidden happiness of nature and cherishing its wild wisdom. Soo chinked up and using a pen to fill charisma into a plethora of her thoughts. She kept lingering around these new disruptive technologies and wonder every single day as she researches, learns, and writes about them.

Though alpha testing is generally owned by the development team and quality assurance, the product manager does play a role, especially when it comes to negotiating trade-offs and making decisions. In phase two, the quality assurance and a select group of internal resources test the product. Though this phase can include white-box testing, the focus is on black-box testing techniques because of the limited technical expertise of those involved.

The primary goal is to uncover “showstoppers” and other major bugs and issues as early as possible before moving forward with beta testing. To put it as simple as possible, this kind of testing is called alpha only because it is done early on, near the end of the development of the software, and before beta testing. The main focus of alpha testing is to simulate real users by using a black box and white box techniques. In alpha testing, the product is tested at a very high level using both black box and white box testing techniques due to which its execution time is very long.

Alpha test vs. beta test difference in product management

The Golden Hammer antipattern can sneak up on a development team, but there are ways to spot it. He is skilled in test automation, performance testing, big data, and CI-CD. He brings his decade of experience to his current role where he is dedicated to educating the QA professionals. Defect resolution is faster in Alpha testing as compared to beta testing. Create a comprehensive test plan, including test cases , testers needed, and objectives to generates the required test cases for the alpha test.

definition of alpha testing

As a result, alpha testing might be thought of as an online program that isn’t quite suitable for use but it has been made available to gather preliminary input. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word alpha testing. The job a product manager does for a company is quite different from the role of product owner on a Scrum team. Secrets require a certain level of upkeep such as storage, delivery and management.

An alpha test relies on internal testers — team members, stakeholders, etc. — at the developer’s site, in a virtual environment similar to the actual production environment. When you enter your recipe, the app crashes after you’ve entered 20 words. The public and developers eventually lost interest and the mod never got past alpha testing stage. The game would go on to undergo extensive alpha testing, with beta testing finalizing the stress test portion of development. The review gate is scheduled when the task force requests the contractor to formally acknowledge that a system test has been completed successfully, meeting all user requirements in the URS, and the product is ready for Alpha Testing.

A second phase occurs when developers turn the software over to quality assurance professionals for additional tests in a staging environment that is similar to the production environment. Tests are conducted in a staging environment so if there is a major flaw and the system breaks, the production environment won’t be affected. Alpha testing is an essential step in the product release process, although one that is sometimes bypassed in favor of moving directly to beta testing. Taking the time to review things internally can uncover a host of problems that could derail a beta test—or worse yet, escape discovery altogether—and always leads to a higher quality product being released to the market. Testers will typically log issues in a bug tracking platform or communicate them directly to the development leads. The release cannot exit alpha testing until all major issues have been resolved and the product reaches “feature lock” where no additional functionality may be added.

Meaning of alpha testing in English

Three months later, revenue has skyrocketed and the cart abandonment rate has dropped to 24 percent. Lyra is excited about the results and happy to see her alpha testing improvements have been fruitful. Lyra discovers that a significant number of errors, bugs, and crashes have contributed to a sense of insecurity among her costumers. Crashes during the payment process have a particularly negative impact. Alpha Testing is performed by the Testers within the organization whereas Beta Testing is performed by the end users. This type of testing is done outside the tester’s or developer’s environment and there is limited control.

Product recommendation techniques that drive growth

Furthermore, the more items corrected during alpha testing, the superior the product will seem to public beta testers, who will not be diverted by identified faults. A process where, as an application approaches full functionality, it is often made available to a carefully selected subset of sophisticated users. This differs from later beta testing, where the product is more functional and made available to a wide group of users.

During Alpha testing, internal testers check the product for bugs and other quality issues. Because such environmental tests cannot be performed in a stage/lab setup, dependability and security testing are often performed during beta testing rather than alpha testing. The key purpose is to identify “stunners” and other severe flaws and difficulties as quickly as feasible before proceeding with beta testing. Because alpha testing occurs before the product is released, the white box view can provide additional insights to spot problems or troubleshoot bugs uncovered during the testing.

Key differences between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing:

As a result of performing alpha testing on a concept, in-depth reliability testing, installation testing, and documentation testing can be skipped. Customer support practice reps − Alpha testing is a wonderful opportunity for customer service to become fully acquainted with the modifications and improvements to the product prior to dealing with actual customers in an emergency. Including them in the testing is better preparation for them and adds a customer-focused perspective to the product prior to delivery. An alpha test is carried out prior to a beta test, near the conclusion of the software development process.

Phases of Alpha Testing:

The objective of alpha testing is to involve customers deep into the process of development. Check for bugs, defects, and usability feedback and capture them. Have the most critical items assigned to the development team for resolution. Alpha testing covers both white- and black-box testing techniques and follows a comprehensive and structured process. Many issues and feedback collected from the users during beta testing are addressed and implemented in the forthcoming versions of the product.

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