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20 Best Testimonial Examples You Can Use


Of course, it’s no secret that B2B customer influence buying decisions and, in turn, your bottom line. Filming a documentary isn’t for everyone, and for some organizations, it may not be the correct type of testimonial to use. However, it’s important to note that more entrepreneurs are shooting more professional videos to market their products better.


We discover that JazzHR’s client base includes exceptional, value-driven businesses. We learn that their recruiting software lets their clients hold tight to their company values. And because we become endeared to Kiip as we get a brief tour of their business, we feel more positively about JazzHR’s product, which Kiip uses and trusts. Consider adding them to your testimonial advertising campaign next time you’re wondering what to do with all the positive reviews you’ve received. Your B2B customer www tradershome review need to resonate with your potential customers in order to be effective. Attempt to communicate with users who are supporting your brand on social media.

Examples Of Testimonial In A Sentence

As long as the point can be understood and it is not an unintentional typo, leave it alone. No offense to the hard-working women and men who pour countless hours into them, but they are not my first choice to read. They’re dry, clinical, and cerebral — all the things you don’t want your Forex brokers testimonial to be. Too outlandish to be believable.Did this person reallyhelp you go from zero to $1,000,000 in three days? Wrap up your testimonial.Remember to look at what you’ve received and make any changes if necessary so that it shows you and your product in a better light.

  • According to a study done by WYZOWL, two out of three people are more likely to buy something after seeing a video testimonial from a previous customer.
  • The post can be written by someone who works for your company, or you can hire a guest writer to compose the post.
  • Think of them as those impressive certificates on the walls of a doctor’s office.
  • Using statistics is an excellent way to add details to a testimonial.
  • Here’s how to write a testimonial that inspires and motivates readers.

Jeanine doesn’t hesitate to share that she doubted Briogeo’s products would deliver results. In the same way, try to get your customers to tell you whether they doubted your company and how you exceeded their expectations. Other prospects might have similar reservations about doing business with you, but a testimonial like the one above will reduce those reservations. Good, but before you start crafting your own customer Forex brokers, it’s important to understand some of the best practices for designing them. In the next section, we cover key design fundamentals that you’ll want to focus on when creating customer testimonials. For growing companies, getting your business featured in the news is a big feat.


The mashup testimonial, in which multiple distinct quotes are put together into an audio sample or video, is one that most folks have been employing recently. Text mashups simply appear to be massive blocks of quoted articles that no one wants to read. The terms ‘success story, ‘client story’, and ‘case study’ are frequently used interchangeably, but a ‘story’ is not the same as a ‘study’. One of the testimonial samples is a success story sample and the best testimonial example. Each of these qualities is necessary for inspiring readers and, when used correctly, can assist you in motivating customers to take the desired action.

This is a little more work for you, but the testimonial will be more persuasive – especially if your client isn’t a confident writer or doesn’t understand what makes a testimonial compelling. When you simply ask for a testimonial, most clients will provide a sugary testimonial that’s less effective. I always think it’s a good idea to try and get your customer to answer common sales objections with their

Where Are Testimonials Featured In Advertising?

As well as actionable ways to highlight your customers’ success. A testimonial letter is a statement made by your company’s previous or present customer. Natural interactions about your business on social media are authentic and offer another degree of legitimacy to your firm. The critical distinction between these and other testimonies is that the latter is typically sought, whereas social recommendations are usually spontaneous. While having people review and assess your business elsewhere can be frustrating, it also gives you a fantastic source of peer quotations to use on your website. Review sites are particularly great since no one pressures your clients to leave a review or make a remark, so they appear genuine and trustworthy.

Employee Branding: What It Is And Why You Need It

Agency tradershome review tend — when the client allows — to shine a spotlight on the creative process and the relationship between client and agency. If both those elements are strong, it demonstrates that the agency can be a true partner. Testimonials are often used within larger presentations like capabilities decks and new business pitches.

Create A Testimonial Page To Grow Your Customer Base

Moving images allow a reviewer to connect with their audience in a multifaceted way. As the year draws to a close, I’d like to express my gratitude for your support of this year. I wanted to contact you to see if you’d be interested in sharing a testimonial about your experience utilizing over the time we’ve been working together. Because the data integration is a long string of snippets that comprise a body of, keep audiences or viewers interested by regularly switching to a new testimonial. However, involving the right influencer in your business can significantly boost one’s product sales.

From those, focus on one example testimonial that’s persuaded you to become a customer. Once you perfect the art of making effective, you’ll be able to turn them into a powerful tool you can use to get more customers. When you head over to the testimonial section of the site, you can see countless images from social media with their products. The brand has used the positive reviews of its product in the press and quoted them on its website. Additionally, you’re one click away from Cee Cee’s Closet in New York success story video testimonial. Head over to the brand’s YouTube channel and take a look at a wide range of video testimonials. This Codeless video testimonial is an example of direct message delivery.

Social Media Testimonial #2: Monday Com

In only 3 short years, the use of video as a marketing tool has jumped from 63% in 2017 to 85% in 2020. Similarly, video brings facial expressions, hand gestures, voice, tone, and many other important characteristics of communication to the table.

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